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Chesay : Elvis presley

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คอร์ดเพลง Chesay ของ Elvis presley
คอร์ดกีต้าร์ Chesay - Elvis presley

เนื้อร้องเพลง Chesay

* What's in the drink, chase the devil away Magic I think so I just say Chesay
** Chesay, Chesay bring you good luck night and day Chesay, Chesay that's the gypsy 
Trouble is my middle name, though it's such a crying shame Try and try there's nothing I 
can do But I'm feeling kinda strange, feel like things are going to change Time my lucky star 
was shining through 
( ** )
Drink a cup of gypsy love just tip it up and then you just say Chesay Swallow once then 
swallow twice, goes down so nice just say Chesay Hey!
( * / ** )

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