Remind Me

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Please lay a little longer Weight is on my shoulders, holding me down Some days, it can't get much darker Feel it more than ever When you're not around * When I think about love, you are right beside me I think about us, you will always find me When my heart is lost, I know that you'll guide me I think about all the little things that still remind me These days, reflection's like a stranger You are so much braver, braver than me Oh save me, save me from my demons Teach me to defeat them And leave me at peace (ซ้ำ * ) When I'm living like there's nothing left to lose When I turn my back on everything I knew When I settle for the silence in the room Ohh remind me Remind me Remind me Remind me of you (ซ้ำ * ) I think about all the little things that still remind me All my life You'll remind me

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