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Sing You Children : Elvis presley

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คอร์ดกีต้าร์ Sing You Children - Elvis presley

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Oh Jonah he was desperate in the belly of the whale Well Jonah had a plan, he knew he 
couldn't fail He raised his head on high And looking for the sky And he sang his song so pretty The whale told him goodbye
* You got to sing you children sing Sing you children sing I only know one thing, hey! hey! 
hey! Sing you children sing, everybody Sing you children sing Sing your troubles away
Well Moses said good Lord Open up these waters for me So I can get your chidren 
Across the salty sea Well the Lord parted the waters And singing hand in hand Moses and the children  Walked over to the promised land
( * )
Oh Joshua had a plan At the walls of Jericho He'd march around those walls And on his horn 
he'd blow
That horn would play a tune And sing a happy song When Joshua got through Those walls came tumbling down
( * )
You got to sing your troubles away Sing your troubles away(4times)

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