The Words

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All of the lights land on you The rest of the world fades from view And all of the love I see Please please say you feel it too And all of the noise I hear inside Restless and loud, unspoken and wild And all that you need to say To make it all go away Is that you feel the same way too * And I know The scariest part is letting go 'Cause love is a ghost you can't control I promise you the truth can't hurt us now So let the words slip out of your mouth And all of the steps that led me to you And all of the hell I had to walk through But I wouldn't trade a day for the chance to say My love, I'm in love with you (ซ้ำ * ) I know that we're both afraid We both made the same mistakes An open heart is an open wound to you And in the wind of a heavy choice Love has a quiet voice Still your mind, now I'm yours to choose And I know The scariest part is letting go Let my love be the light that guides you home (ซ้ำ * )

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