Think of You

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I walk in on Friday nights Same old bar, same burned out lights Same people and all the same faces So why in the hell does it feel like a different place? Meet my friends for a girls' night out Seems there ain't much to talk about Same drinks that we're all raising But all of the toasts just don't feel the same * We used to be the life of the party We used to be the ones that they wished they were But now it's like they don't know how to act Maybe they're like me and they want us back It's like there's always an empty space Those memories that nobody can erase Of how bright we burned Well now it hurts, but it's true When they think of me, they think of you They keep asking how I am But they're really asking where you've been I can read between all of the lines It ain't just us missing all of the times (ซ้ำ * ) Ain't it funny how a flame like that Oh whoa, when they think of you It can burn when it's in the past (ซ้ำ * ) Oh, they think of you When they think of me Baby, baby, oh When they think of me, they think of you

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