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Way Out : Abuse The Youth

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คอร์ดกีต้าร์ Way Out - Abuse The Youth

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Hey! Do you hear me? , my friends
I left without any words to say
Think I ll write you soon Hey!
Can you hear me? Mom and Dad
Now I separate all the things
I dreamed it s not quite all these things
I ve seen Yeah

* This is a call to turn and turn all the hour
Because what I m feeling now is too hard
to take it I m turning around and think
I m dying alone again

Feel everything is so clear
Blue sky and the sun is near
And the water is good I ve never been so
alive You might be thinking that I should
be so fine yeah I wish that I should have died

(ซ้ำ *,*)

Save me now , my friends One more day or
hour I ll be done I mean it , man A hundred
and thousand letters that I ve sent Like
someone told, One day you ll be living alone
But is this too much for me?

(ซ้ำ *,*)

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