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Start Again : Conrad Sewell

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เนื้อร้องเพลง Start Again

Home time, I'm getting ready for a long night
They say you never miss it 'til it's gone
Well you're gone and I wish I'd done it better
Mostly I miss having you close to me
The only one who really ever knows me
And I'm sorry, I promise I'll do better, better

* There's a hole in the middle of my heart again
Can we start again, can we start again
There's a hole in the middle and it never mends
It never mends, can we start again

Some nights, I kid myself I treated you right
Lying to myself, I didn't know If I'm honest,
I could've done it better You said we had it
pretty much perfect And then you told me that
you loved me But you're sorry, you needed
something better, better

(ซ้ำ * )

So I guess I'm gonna let you go But you get to
keep a little bit of my soul So I guess I'm gonna
write you out But I don't think I can do it to me
right now Let's pretend that time heals all

(ซ้ำ * )

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