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Do Not Disturb : Elvis presley

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คอร์ดเพลง / Do Not Disturb / Elvis presley

คอร์ดเพลง Do Not Disturb ของ Elvis presley
คอร์ดกีต้าร์ Do Not Disturb - Elvis presley

เนื้อร้องเพลง Do Not Disturb

Let's take the phone off the hook     Turn the lights way down low  Baby put down that 
book     Tell the maid to go
* Do not disturb  Hang the sign on the door Do not disturb It's time to make love
And I can't wait anymore
I'll just pull down the blind     Now come over here       I've got one thing in mind
Let's get comfortable dear
( * )
Everything's right tonight Mmmm, it's great when we kiss       Now your arms hold me tight
Let's stay like this

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