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Yes Sir,I Can Boogie : Bacara

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Mister , Your eyes are full of hesitation It makes me wonder , Do you know what you're    looking for Uumm, Baby I wan't to keep my reputation I'm a sensation , You try me once you'll beg for  more * Oh! Yes sir, I can boogie , But I need a certain song I can boogie,  Boogie woogie all  night long ** Yes sir, I can boogie If you stay, you can't go wrong, I can boogie, boogie woogie  all night long...  No sir, I don't feel very much like talking, No neither walking You want to know if I can  dance I already told you in the first verse  And in the chorus, But I will give you one more  chance....  ( * / ** / ** ) Ummm         Ahhh ( * / ** / ** )

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